The school believes in providing a positive conducive environment for the growth of the child. The backbone and support system in our school is the faculty. Our faculty holds the reverent position of academic priest in the temple of knowledge. It bears in its position the prime responsibility of nurturing, tending and directing the entire future of the society in the form of its young proteges. The highly qualified faculty members are extremely well-versed in the modernist methodologies that form an integral feature of education system. Their qualification, experience and dedication enables them to mould the immature psyches into mature citizens equipped to face the world with confidence and conviction.
Primary level is the first threshold of a child’s formal education and calls for innovative curriculum that immaculately blends tradition, morality and modernism.
The basic principle is to create a framework wherein the learning process metamorphosis into a beautiful and complete life, above and superior to all circumstances that form the very essence of life. The school’s child centric approach to education endorses the children with multifaceted brilliance in order to face the progressive, demanding and techno-savvy society in the form of future citizens who shall bloom, blossom and spread the fragrance of love, peace and joy all around.
Middle and Secondary level cements the grooming processes already initiated at the beginner’s level. The wide panorama of Scholastic and Co scholastic programmes aim to orient their ideology in a comprehensive and holistic manner. This wide exposure enables them to decide on the future course of life by choosing the stream that suits their interest.
Senior Secondary level is the confirmation of their choice which allows them an in depth study of the streams they have chosen. The highly advanced and specialized course content becomes their window to the world of knowledge and expertise that awaits them at the culmination of their school education. The students by now have been groomed into responsible, mature and independent teenagers beaming or brimming with vibrant energy and ready to face the world in which they step into after leaving the safe cocoon of school.


NRCS has a nice, well ventilated and spacious library which quenches the thirst of reader by availing various kinds of book on different topics.


The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education for its All India Secondary and Senior Secondary Examinations. Classes are upto the senior Secondary level (Class XII). At the +2 level, we have science (with Biology, Computer Science, Engineering Graphics), Commerce and Humanities streams. The effervescent curriculum is relative and purposeful. Pupils are both engaged and challenged in their learning using a wide range of teaching strategies, skills and up-do-date learning resources.

Kindergarten Section

The children learn in an informal way through the PLAY WAY METHODS. The school has a separate block for the tiny tots with the latest teaching aids and toys. All efforts are made to make education a joyous experience. Each classroom is equipped with educational toys, apparatus and other material which are used extensively by competent and trained teachers to make the learning creative and productive.

Classes I - X

The formal education system with the NCERT prescribed syllabi as a guideline is followed. Art, Craft, Music, Dance, Computers, Yoga are added on for full personality development. From Class V the third language is introduced as per requirements of the 3 language formula following the Central Government Education Policy. A choice between Sanskrit and French is offered. For all classes upto the 10th the continuous Comprehensive Evaluation System developed by the Central Board of Secondary Education is implemented. Classes XI – XII The Syllabus is as prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Science (Medical/Engineering), Commerce and Humanities subjects are offered at + 2 stage.


We endeavour to empower the students with the confidence and knowledge to succeed in their academic and personal lives. Keeping this in view, regular homework and assignments are given to the children. They are varied and meaningful and reinforce skills, concepts and information learnt in the class. Homework fosters student’s achievement, independence and responsibility and serves as a vital link between school and home. Our assignments support creative, logical, critical and analytical ability of the children.


It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein
We have a strong team of motivated teachers who are ready to take on the challenge of developing the child’s potential.

The faculty is highly qualified, trained and experienced. The teachers with their innovative and progressive ideas broaden the horizons of the students and enhance their learning.


Parent Teacher Meeting Schedule

  • Classes I & II: First Saturday
  • Classes III- V: Third Saturday
  • Classes VI-XII: Fourth Saturday