Education is a tool which can shape and can give a new dimension to our life, this is an unending process which keeps on going till the last breath. The true education is not limited to books and other concerned material, it is a broad concept which is applied to every sphere of life and reflects our personality. The learner should work to develop one’s etiquettes, compassion, philanthropy and socialite. It is the responsibility of all learned individual to work for his people and society to make it a better place to live in perfect peace and harmony. We at N. R. Convent Sr. Sec. School devote us to the overall development of a child, socially, mentally, intellectually, scientifically, and morally. We infuse in all Nathuramians these qualities because without them the individual is like saline water which is neither fit for irrigation nor for drinking. The whole staff and management keep a strong vigilance on the activity of Nathuramian and do the best possible thing to make huge difference in the life of our dear, cuddly students who will become the foundation pillar of modern India along with maintaining their cultural and traditional values.
“Education is a hidden treasure which lies beneath every individual, explorer achieves this and gets the wings of knowledge to reach the destiny.”