We, at N. R. Convent Sr. Sec. School work to guides the students to walk on the path of success and achieve one after another milestone, all this happens due to the school infrastructure which is modulated to cater all the basic need of students. We provide all the necessary tools, ambience to flourish them well without any pressure and tension. We keep on making desirable changes to meet the all challenges come in our way and upgrading our study infrastructure time to time on the basis of feedback and suggestions. We are arranging and using advanced technology imparts education. We are many competitions at different levels to arouse the interest of students towards competition and how to emerge as winner odd to odd situations. The school is an institution where a child’s overall personality are to changing world, modernization and fast paced life, we are losing our moral values and we at N. R. Convent Sr. Sec. School more on this aspect of life, we organize many scholastic activities to develop the mental skill of child, arrange PT classes, yoga and keep them physically fit and active, as it is said “Healthy body is house of healthy mind” and most with impatiently we provide them with the chase to improve their character by giving them moral teaching because “A student without moral in like a tree without fruit”.
“What we have for students, first motivation and Instinct that sky is the limit.”