1. Mandatory Public Disclosure
  2. Affiliation Upgradation Letter and Recent Extension of affiliation
  3. Annual Academic Calendar
  4. DEO certificate Submitted by the school for affiliation, Upgradation, Extension of Affiliation or self certificate by school
  5. Fee Structure of the school
  6. Last Three Year Result of the board examination as per applicability
  7. List of Parents Teacher Association (PTA) Members
  8. List of school Management Committee (SMC)
  9. Recognition Certificate Under RTE Act, 2009, and It’s Renewal if Applicable
  10. Societies, Trust, Company, Registration, Renewal Certificate, As Applicable
  11. Valid Building Safety Certificate as per the national building code
  12. Valid Fire Safety Certificate issued by the competent Authority
  13. Valid Health and Sanitation Certification
  14. Valid Water, Health and Sanitation Certification
  15. Introduction of additional subjects