School Uniform



  • Sky Blue shirt (Half Sleeves)
  • Grey Shorts (I – V)
  • Grey Trousers (VI – XII)
  • Grey Socks with Blue Strip
  • Black laced Shoes
  • School Belt
  • School Tie


  • Sky Blue Shirt (I – V)
  • Grey Skirt (I – V)
  • Grey check suit with Grey Dupatta (VI– XII)
  • Grey Salwar (VI – XII)
  • Black Strap or Velcro shoes
  • Black Hair Ribbon
  • School Belt


  • Sky Blue Shirt
  • Grey Trouser
  • Pullover Grey cover with blue living on sleeves, waist and neck (I – XII)
  • Black laced Shoes
  • School Tie
  • School Belt
  • Woolen Socks with blue lining


  • Sky Blue Shirt (Full Sleeves) (I – V)
  • Grey lagging under grey skirt (I –V)
  • Check grey suit full sleeves with dupatta (VI – XII)
  • Grey Salwar (VI – XII)   
  • Grey socks with blue strip
  • Grey pullover with blue strip on sleeves, neck and waist
  • School Belt
  • Black strap or Velcro shoes.

Houses of NRCS

House Name Uniform (Wednesday & Saturday for Summer Only)
  Summer Winter
Saraswati Yellow T- Shirt White Shirts
Sharda Red T-Shirt White Shirts
Vidhya Blue T-Shirt White Shirts
Bharti Green T-Shirt White Shirts

Note (Rest Common to all):

Boys: White Trouser and White Canvas Shoes with White Socks, School Belt
Girls: White Skirt and White Canvas Shoes with White Socks, School Belt, White ribbon for hairs.

Students are divided in their houses, every house has head boy and head girl to manage the affairs entrusted to them, this housing system and selection of head boy and had girl is to develop in them the quality of integrity, efficient, diligence, responsibility and lead from the front. These qualities are major tools to enhance the personality of a child.

Regular house meeting is scheduled from VI – XII to discuss the carious issued to be dealt with.